Journey of a Newbie

By Ysabella Denise Cruz

A beautiful day to reminisce about how my experience in A4 is, it was back in January 17 2017 yes im just new here in A4 i work here project base im handling there marketing materials as there marketing officer. My first day here i will always going here for the first time and when the time i reach there place i was to nervous to go in and instead of entering right away taking a photo of the door is what i did (i don’t know maybe im scared and excited how will my experience will be in a4 totally! Mix emotions). So pray “God kayo na po bahala sa akin, i prayed for this and this is what you gave to me” so as i enter A4 they greet me warmly welcome especially Mam Kat Abaloyan the operations officer in A4 my boss, i met there admins Miss Jo and Miss Jordan, Sir Jojo as the Project Manager and the “2 boys designer” i did called them “Kuya Jan and Kuya Drex” but later on i did realize are aged are just close so they mind just calling them by their names without the kuya part in the warehouse Kuya Jimmy Avila, Kuya Arman, Kuya Glenn, Kuya Ed Kuya Jimmy L and many more boys. I saw there old catalogue which has the history of A4 so a read it i need to know A4 first what is there mission?vision? everything so Mam Kat explain to me everything i need to know, i always remember its there monthly meeting then and im the only one left in the office i took the liberty to took a photo of myself with their catalogue. As my day pass by in A4 i get to meet my fellow co worker in their amazing sides as my kuya’s and ate’s my journey as one of the designer here is so far Fun although they may have issues but God has a way to make everything impossible possible. You can truly grow in A4 for the people here would truly treat you as a family and not just a co worker they will bring out the simple person you can be you would really learn and expand your skills.

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